Monday, March 25, 2013


Here they are! The new countertops. We got them from Cache Valley Counter Tops and saved about $400 by getting them there. Here also is a glimpse of our new china cabinet! Yay!

Friday, March 15, 2013

New kitchen!

We decided back in December to do a long needed project and remodel our kitchen so here are some pictures to document our journey:

taken 1/19/13

we took these pictures when it was super messy to make the effect more dramatic ;)


moving light switches and patching walls
new vinyl floor 3/2/13
We bought our flooring from Cash & Carry Floors in Logan. They had a great selection and a list of installers for us to contact. We saved about $200 on the floor by going there.
Our temporary kitchen. It hardly looks worse than the old one!

New cabinets delivered 3/4/13
We ordered our cabinets from Home Depot and had them install them. Temina at our Logan Home Depot helped us with the design. She is fabulous! She really knows what works and what doesn't and what people usually like and what problems people have so we came up with what would work for our family.
Day 1 of cabinet installation 3/6/13
The Home Depot people did a great job installing our cabinets but it cost a fortune! If we were doing this again we would find a  private contractor to install for us. I'm sure we cold find someone to do it for less!
Day 2 of cabinet installation 3/7/13

We are so excited to have a new kitchen with more space! More pictures to come as it gets finished :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year/Birthday/Sunshine/Family - Day 3

The California Science Center is a huge interactive  science museum for kids and it's free! Something like this in SLC  would cost $20 or more per person!

We spent the rest of the day at Santa Monica  Beach. It was lovely!

He was drawing me in the sand so the surf could destroy me!


Interesting creatures

 Under the pier
This was such a fun trip! There wasn't much fighting even with all the time we spent packed like sardines into our van. We are so grateful to Kree for spending so much time with us. If we had been on our own we wouldn't have been able to see nearly as much. Figuring out all the freeways was so confusing but she was able to help us get to so many places we wanted to go.

We drove all night Thursday to get home Friday morning so Sonny Pie could get to work by 4:00 Friday afternoon. That was a little crazy but we made it and are so glad we were able to make this trip with our whole family!

Happy New Year/Birthday/Sunshine/Family - Day 2

Waiting to get on the boat to go whale watching.

On the boat


More waiting

It was cold and windy on the boat. Of course we were sitting in the open going more than 20 MPH so what can you expect? Of course,as DaVinci just pointed out to me, compared to coming home to single digit temperatures in the middle of the day it wasn't really that cold!


We took lots of pictures on the boat. What else would we do during the long time in between  seeing sea creatures?

Sea lions
Gray Whales!!!!

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific which was really awesome. We spent the rest of the day there.
Moon jellies

leafy sea dragon


a cool hanging wave sculpture in the entrance